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Pure water

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Water is a most important thing for everybody life. We are using water for various purposes of our life. But are we really drinking a purified form of water is the main question? Then what we are really drinking? Have you ever meet water consultant to check whether your bore water system is good or are you using whole house water filtration? At sometimes we may find the color of the water is yellow it shows the presence of more iron. So safely we are all going for can water. The best option is to go for compact wastewater treatment in Chennai. The yellow water problem will be rectified easily by iron removal plants in Chennai or iron water treatment Chennai. Yellow water treatment in Chennai is the best solution for the removal of iron content present in water

For all these water problems better, we go for RO water system. RO means reverse osmosis process in this water filtration method. Totally it works under the concept of pressure called osmotic pressure. We are experts in doing RO water purifier plant, water softener, bore well water filter, UV water filter etc. Sometimes bore well water will be very salty even salt can also be removed by reverse osmosis process. By built of RO water filter in your home it would be better to use water for all purposes even for drinking you can use your bore well water by RO water filter.

Nano water purification


We construct the flat sheet membrane using the hydronautics. To begin the process, we need the fabric base made of polyester, polysulfone layer and the additional support polyamide layer on the top. RO membrane improves the taste, odor, and appearance. Highly effective purification process will remove the pollutants and flushes away pollutants. Salt water is sent to high-pressure pump to get fresh water and concentrate the flow of 60%, again concentrated water is sent to the membrane to get the pure water, water filtration process continues finally the pure water is obtained by RO water plant. Removal of yellow water also is done by membranes.




Filtration process removes the yellow water, salt water the process undergoes by the Ro water system is very unique to purify the water. RO water purifier involves the process of removal of yellow water, bathroom water treatment. Water purification process separates dirty water and purified water by RO water purifier system.

ro-impurity removal

Impurities Removal

What impurities will reverse osmosis remove?

Reverse osmosis (RO) has become a common treatment method of saltwater removal and yellow water removal for drinking water supplies. RO plants contain various stages of filtration techniques to remove the salt and impurities present in the water even the taste of the water is changed:

1. Water is denatured by many things present in the atmosphere due to overpopulation and many things yellow water problem also caused.

2. Water supply over the long distance in the purified form is also not possible so we go for RO plants water treatment.RO systems generally remove the impurities present in the water. Water filtration methods are very advance to remove yellow water, salt water and the iron present in the water. We have to be very clear about the cleanliness of water we use daily. Water problems arise for all areas in Chennai and we find it more on summer days so better to fix whole house water filtration system to all our house to overcome yellow water problem.



How reverse osmosis works

The polysulfone layer removes bacteria, microns, viruses and other impurities from the water. The membrane flat sheets comprise eight layers it provides space between the sheet for the flow of water. Even under high-pressure water flows evenly so water passes through the free channel space. feed water comes to the channel and flows in the membrane sheet the recycled water are collected as the purified form of water and the concentrated water is again enter into the membrane for the water filtration process.