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Water is vital for the survival of living being. But the water that we intake is often not potable and responsible for out break of diseases like diahhorea, cholera, typhoid, etc., It has been recorded that 80% of disease are waterborne.

We are leaders in Water Management for institutional applications through consumer product division. To prevent water borne diseases caused by microbiological contamination, company offers the range of products as you may be well aware, untreated drinking water sometimes carries diseases causing bacteria and viruses. The intake of such contaminated water causes dreadful waterborne diseases like diarrhea, gastroenteritis, cholera, Jaundice and dysentery.

Do you know using dirty water can cause:

Unsafe water can cause internal and external problems. Diseases like typhoid, Dysentery, Jaundice and cholera can play havoc with ones system. Other physical damages may include loss of hair, skin discolouration and roughness.

These systems are designed for any application that requires high output reverse osmosis equipment. We can also customize these units as per the feed water parameters, Our plants are equipped with large commercial type sediment filter to remove suspended solids down to 5 micron in size. Other standard components include centrifugal high pressure pumps. TFC membranes, full instrumentation, high pressure regulation valve, and built in membrane cleaning and preservation system.