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With over fifteen years of expertise, we've got fully grown massive, extremely massive in Water trade. It’s beautiful and superb is what our competitors observe us. we've got maneuvered water from nano purification to flash evaporation. Venus createch solutions Pvt. Ltd., includes of a fervent team of Engineers, Technicians who are trained in their individual fields to supply Superior Quality product & unmatched client Service. We are the sole company to bring the flash evaporation technology to an Asian country. over ten million liters of water purified in a span of 2 years, touching over8000 folks lives a day and creating them the texture of true power of water. We are proud to mention that we have a tendency to be one in every of south India’s leading makers and exporters of fogging /misting Systems and services & Water Purification plants..

Our Goal and Role

Venus Createch Solutions continues to grow its operations. The company has continued research in water technology to demonstrate improvements in cost of manufacturing, the economy of operation, space-efficiency and simplicity. The company continues to strive in advancing its product development in an effort to improve the efficiency of its operations and its ability to deliver a strong product to the global market. With worldwide awareness of the global water shortage growing exponentially it will be interesting to see the impact that Venus Createch solutions can make in its industry and the world.

Venus Createch Solutions is one of the best water treatment companies in chennai. It also deals with iron water treatment plants and yellow water treatment plants all over Chennai. With the technology in situ Venus Createch solutions has positioned itself to considerably have the benefit of the growing world water market. Globally the water market is a calculable $400 billion dollars with indications that it'll still grow within the future. The trade supported by this water crisis is predicted to grow exponentially in countries like China and India specifically, due to their naturally high population, and better than average pollution.

The goal in water treatment is to eliminate disease-causing microorganism and to safeguard the atmosphere for human life. Before trendy strategies of water treatment were introduced, the spread of dangerous diseases was common in most communities across the country. Venus Createch Solutions operates to produce sensible solutions to the growing international water contamination. the globe Water Commission recently released surprising facts in its recent thirty-three-page report back to additional concern regarding the worlds growing water shortage. The report states that associate calculable one.1 billion individuals lack access to the safe beverage, 3 billion don’t have the means that to access alter water, and another five hundred million sleep in countries with only enough water for his or her individuals. what is more, the recent report indicates that world water consumption can increase by four-hundredth over the course of consecutive twenty years as demand for private, industrial and agricultural uses increase worldwide. when connected along the figures encompassing this crisis are staggering. Floors of bathrooms, mainly hair and skin are affected by yellow water before it goes serious take a measure of yellow water treatment or bathroom water filter.